Thursday, 14 October 2010

Video Analysis Taylor Swift 'Crazier'

This video is called ‘Crazier’ by Taylor Swift. The songs genre is acoustic and was in a film, this shows the artist singing on stage and then had a narrative of the film in it. The opening of the music video is a scene from the film ‘The Hannah Montana Movie’; it starts with a long shot of the room. This long shot allows the audience to see where the video is set and what time period it is. The music plays straight away and already illustrates to the audience that this is an acoustic song because you can hear the guitar clearly but also it pan around the artist on stage to see what instruments are playing. The audience by now can see it is staged in a barn and is a typical stereotype of the ‘acoustic genre’ as it creates a country feel to the music and scene. The audience can also see in that it is night time and with the actors in the video dancing in couples immediately portrays it is a love song.
We see a medium close up of the artist in the first fourteen seconds of the video, and this is when the first lyric is sung. The artist has long blonde hair hardly any makeup on, I like the idea of using someone who looks similar to Taylor Swift because it reflects the acoustics artist quite well. The lack of makeup shows true beauty and this is someone I would love to use as a role model. So when picking my artist I will be looking for those qualities. The artist looks happy and relaxed in the opening with allows the audience to mimic this and relax as well.
When the music begins to change at thirty five seconds the clip onscreen also changes to the narrative; which is scenes from the film. This change is good because it goes with the tempo change of the music (which is getting faster) and the pitch (which is getting higher and louder). This catches the audience’s attention because of the change in the music and keeps them entertained. When we do see the narrative from the film we horses running freely in a field and two characters laughing. Horses are associated with the acoustic genre because it branches out from the “country link” and the fields are a common associate of the acoustic genre when people are asked what they think of when they hear acoustic music; fields is always mentioned as it is seen as a place where its quiet and away from the globalised world of motorways and factories.
One again as aforementioned the music changes and so does the clip; this time it goes back to the barn. I like the idea of switching from performance to narrative when the music changes, or on certain lines and would like to incorporate something like this in my music video. Throughout the performance the camera constantly changes from a medium shot left of the artist to the right. I think that this is good because you get to see the artist from different angles however this is a minute and a half into the video and we haven’t seen a close up of the artist yet. At this same point there is a cross-dissolve edit from the performance to the narrative and I really like this idea because it isn’t a jump cut. It makes it look undisturbed as it takes you form one clip to the other and I think I will use this cross-dissolve in my video.
The end of the music video goes back to the stage area where it first began, I hope to incorporate the idea of the video starting and ending in the same place because it is a great way to show time and the emotion- whether it has changed from the start etc. The video ends and fades out, this is a good way to end a video as it is saying the story has finished, that is the end.
The lyrics and visual during the song do a fit perfectly as when the artist says lines such as “then you came along and you changed everything” the narrative is played and the male lead is then pictured. This give the audience an idea that this song is about a boy and is suppose to be sung by a girl.
The relationship between the music and visuals is good because it is a slow paced song and the performance is slow and graceful. When watching the narrative you can see that some faster scenes have been edited to slow down to match this tempo, this is good because the video would not have the same effect on people if the clips were fast as it doesn’t suit what they song is telling them.

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