Thursday, 14 October 2010

Choosing The Artist

The girl we first asked to sing and perform in our music video provided us with CD’s of her singing. We liked her voice but she sounded quite muffled and quiet. The clarity of the words was not audible and we struggled to understand what she was singing. We then asked her to record four songs for us they were:
·         Foundations- Kate Nash
·         Thinking of you- Katy Perry
·         Break-even- The Script
·         Use Somebody- originally by Kings Of Leon, however we wanted the cover version by Pixie Lott
When we had the CD back she had only covered one of the songs we asked her to do and the clarity had improved but when listening to the Pixie Lott version as a group we decided that her voice wouldn’t suit the song as it sounded more like Kate Nash.
We had already picked someone to appear in the video to “be” the artist she fitted our genre well as stereotypically female acoustic singers have long blonde hair, they are generally pretty, are calm and free-spirited.  This girl also became our singer as she had the perfect voice to match the song.

We now have an artist and song that we are going to use for our music video, the whole group agrees that the artist is right for the song. We are having another girl play the guitar this will make it acoustic however she will not appear in the video.

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