Thursday, 14 October 2010

CD Cover Analysis Corinne Bailey Rae

The background used is of an establishing shot from outside; it sets the scene where the artist is. It looks peaceful and naturalistic, this could connote to the audience that the album is serene and diverse. The tree shows realism, this could illustrate that the album has song about the real world, that it addresses issues that people want to listen about. The colours used for this background are quite dull but eye-catching, it allows the main image of the artist to stand out more, and this is good because that is what the audience want to see, they want to see the star persona of this album.

The artists name is in the top left hand corner. This is because if it were on a shelf the way some businesses shelve them, only the left third of the cover would be seen. This ensures that the audience can clearly see who the album is by and what it is called.
The name is in white this allows it to stand out from its darker background ensuring that it catches the audience’s attention if they were walking by.
The font used is thin, this isn’t a usual convention for the font on a Cd cover as they are usually bold, however the font has cleverly been overlapped in some parts and this could connote that the album has a different approach. This different title encourages the audience to think the album is something different and new.

The main image of this picture of the artist has been made to stand out; it is against a dull background and has been made brighter so that the audience can see the artist. The artist is the unique selling point so producers of the Cd cover have to ensure the artist is seen and the main attraction to the consumer. The artists dress is white, this is consistent with the title, and this keeps the cover formal and related. White can also symbolise purity and good, this can demonstrate to the audience that the songs on the album are pure and mean well.
The camera shot used on this cover is a medium shot,  the artist is lying horizontal this creates the effect of relaxation, if the artist looks relaxed then the audience will feel relax. The artist is looking straight ahead and this will draw attention as when in a shop the purchaser will have eye contact with the image and be drawn in. This will then persuade them to explore the album and if they like what they see will buy it. The artist’s facial expressions are tranquil and happy this allows the audience to know that the songs are happy, and will make anyone who listens to them happy, another persuasion to purchase the album.
The sunlight shining through the trees lets the audience see that it is a nice day, that it will make them feel better. Sunlight represents good and contentment, it creates a warm atmosphere and will put people at ease and this is what this album is about, making people lives easier and by using these qualities and images it shows this to the audience, it sells the product.

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  1. This is a sound analysis and I believe you have the correct target audience in mind, I am curious on the year of this album as it shows her wearing a wedding band and the lighting around her face seems almost heavenly/angel/halo in style and I understand her husband died shortly after they married so I wonder would this have had any influence. Your analysis of camera angles is good and I feel the setting is one of serenity as you suggested by the use of the 'great outdoors'. Well done.