Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tour Poster Analysis Jason Mraz

The background of this tour poster is dark and made to look like the artist is on stage, we know this because of the use of the lights shining behind the artist. This is usually seen at a concert. This light are pointing directly at him and this illustrates that he is the focus that everyone should look at him, as you can’t see anything else in the dark background as nothing else is lit up. The dark background is good because it allows the main image and information of the tour poster to stand out and be seen by the audience. The darkness of the background connotes he has something to hide and this interest the audience to know what the artist is hiding, therefore they look into the album and if they like it, will then buy it.
The artists name is at the top of the tour poster, it takes up around a third of the poster, and this means it is important. The font of the writing looks as though the artist had just written his name down on a piece of paper. This illustrates he has a care-free attitude and that he doesn’t need his title to be fancy and formal to attract attention. The title is bold and spaced this allows it to be seen from far away.
The colour of the writing is white, this contrasts with the mysterious background as white connotes good and purity. This could show that as his name is in white that the artist himself is good and pure.
The small blue circle adds another informal touch to the poster; it is in blue and therefore stands out. It is there to give out more information to the audience, and too attract them to read what else is on the poster.
A sell line is used to say the name of the album and that it is available now. The words “the latest album” and “available now” have been written in white and the name of the album in blue, this again is to attract the audience attention and show it is something different.
The main image of the artist is in black and white, this keeps the consistency of the colours used in the magazine. It allows the artist to be seen against the dark background, so the audience can see the artist clearly. Props have been used in this image a ‘microphone’ and ‘guitar’ this gives the audience an idea about what kind of music the artist performs and the talents he withholds that he can sing and play instruments. Audiences go to see artists for their talent and music, this poster portrays both and sells the audience what they want to see.
In the bottom right hand corner the information of where the venue is and what date is added. This is in the bottom corner because it isn’t as important as telling who the artist is, however the colour blue has been use to emphasis it, so it isn’t missed. The place is in bigger font and the words “the new venue” this focuses the audiences appeal to go and experience something new and exciting.

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