Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cd Cover Ideas

I like this Cd cover because the close up of the artist is effective because the audience would clearly see her on the shelf and it would draw them over. The close up is also good because you can see the artists facial expressions, I would like to use the idea of a close up of the artist in my own CD cover. I would use a close up because aforementioned you can see the artist clearly and their facial expressions but also to potential consumers when in a shop the artists face stand out and draw in the buyer; this will then lead them to inquiring about the CD and then to purchase it.

Story Board

This is out story board. It allowed us to make a sequence of the contents in our music video. It helped us to see if shots would work and experiment with different shots. Using the storyboard it allowed us to see what a performance and narrative would look like and where we would put the performance and narrative in our music video.

Before making the shot list and storyboard we annotated our ideas onto a sheet of the lyrics. this helped us to create the storyboard and shot list because we had already noted down what ideas we had for each line and we could then work out a shot form there.

Shot List

This is our shot list, it helped us to organise the shot type, description of the shot, the timing  and the action/person in the shot. This was effective because on each day of filming we could simply look at the shot number and see what we needed to do. It also helped us with the story board which was used as a sketch out for us to see the sequence and make sure it would work.