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Change In Groups

Our group first started out with four people, as we first started to pitch our ideas we agreed to choose the genre acoustic. When it came to choosing an artist and song to use in our music video we found that there was a difference in opinion of what artist and song we wanted to do. As a group we tried to settle the difference but it ended in three members agreeing and one disagreeing, this lead to the one member leaving to form another group. My two other group members and I agreed on what song and artist we wanted and the narrative of the story and are ready to begin filming as a group.

I think that this was the right decision because if there was complications with agreeing on certain elements for the music video and that was just with planning,the final product could be ruined because of the lack of enthusiasm from the member who didn't like the ideas.

I think our final product will benefit a lot more with just the three members because we all have the same opinion about what we want, we chose an artist and song quite quickly that we like and managed to create a narrative too. This ensures that as group we get our work done and do it to the best of our ability.

Choosing The Artist

The girl we first asked to sing and perform in our music video provided us with CD’s of her singing. We liked her voice but she sounded quite muffled and quiet. The clarity of the words was not audible and we struggled to understand what she was singing. We then asked her to record four songs for us they were:
·         Foundations- Kate Nash
·         Thinking of you- Katy Perry
·         Break-even- The Script
·         Use Somebody- originally by Kings Of Leon, however we wanted the cover version by Pixie Lott
When we had the CD back she had only covered one of the songs we asked her to do and the clarity had improved but when listening to the Pixie Lott version as a group we decided that her voice wouldn’t suit the song as it sounded more like Kate Nash.
We had already picked someone to appear in the video to “be” the artist she fitted our genre well as stereotypically female acoustic singers have long blonde hair, they are generally pretty, are calm and free-spirited.  This girl also became our singer as she had the perfect voice to match the song.

We now have an artist and song that we are going to use for our music video, the whole group agrees that the artist is right for the song. We are having another girl play the guitar this will make it acoustic however she will not appear in the video.

Video Analysis Jason Mraz 'Im Yours'

This video is called ‘I’m yours’ by Jason Mraz. It is known as acoustic music; stereotypically it is slow to medium speed and has one artist. The video started with a high angle shot of an aeroplane this immediately gives the audience the idea that the video is an adventure and set abroad. The artist is in the second shot, we don’t see his face but we see the hat that is usually associated with the artist and that tell the audience who he is. The different shots in the video illustrate the acoustic genre because it is commonly known to be free-spirited and light hearted. The video portrays these qualities for example, when the artist is sitting in the open top car he is singing away and dancing showing he has no care in the world and loving life.
The music and lyrics play throughout but you don’t always see the artist singing, this is good because if the audience just saw the artist singing it would be boring and they would soon lose interest. The video keeps the audience interested by showing adventure, one shot that demonstrates this is when the artist jumps of the cliff into a pool which has a waterfall. This would be seen as a thrilling event and makes the audience think the artist is fearless and fun.
The lyrics and visual during the song don’t have much of a relationship for example: “open up your mind and see like me, open up your plans and dam you’re free” these lyrics are set with a visual of skaters; this doesn’t represent him or any of his plans. There is a small relationship when referring to love, and being free, other than that little relationship between lyrics and video.
The relationship between the music and visuals is the music cohesion to the visual is good as the music is simple but exciting and has a summery holiday sound to it, for example Hawaiian. It relates to the visuals well as the video is set abroad and a visual of a beach is used which is usually associated with holidays with links to the holiday sound it seems to have.
The artist rarely looks at the camera, it illustrates he is distracted by the scenery, however I think that it could show he is trying to keep the video realistic as you wouldn’t have a camera following you around everywhere. It shows he is really into his music and takes it seriously.
The video has some intertextual references it refers to relationships and that God wants us to love and be loved, to see the world as a whole and to be inspired.

Summary Of Video

Genre Characteristics:
Acoustic some soul included
Relationship between lyrics and visuals:
Small relationship when referring to love, and being free, other than that little relationship between lyrics and video.
Relationship between music and visuals:
The music in cohesion to the visual is good as the music is simple but exciting and has a summery holiday sound to it, for example Hawaiian. It relates to the visuals well as the video is set abroad and a visual of a beach is used which is usually associated with holidays with links to the holiday sound it seems to have.
Closes-ups of the artist and star image motifs:
There are many close-ups of the artist at many different angles. The star image motifs are the hat he wears it is seen a numerous amount of times, water plays a part in the video. At the start we see a fish tank, then a waterfall, and finally the sea.
Is there reference to the notion of looking?
The artist rarely looks at the camera; he seems distracted by all the scenery.
Are there intertextual references?
Yes it refers to relationships and that God wants us to love and be loved. To see the world as a whole and to be inspired.

Video Analysis Taylor Swift 'Crazier'

This video is called ‘Crazier’ by Taylor Swift. The songs genre is acoustic and was in a film, this shows the artist singing on stage and then had a narrative of the film in it. The opening of the music video is a scene from the film ‘The Hannah Montana Movie’; it starts with a long shot of the room. This long shot allows the audience to see where the video is set and what time period it is. The music plays straight away and already illustrates to the audience that this is an acoustic song because you can hear the guitar clearly but also it pan around the artist on stage to see what instruments are playing. The audience by now can see it is staged in a barn and is a typical stereotype of the ‘acoustic genre’ as it creates a country feel to the music and scene. The audience can also see in that it is night time and with the actors in the video dancing in couples immediately portrays it is a love song.
We see a medium close up of the artist in the first fourteen seconds of the video, and this is when the first lyric is sung. The artist has long blonde hair hardly any makeup on, I like the idea of using someone who looks similar to Taylor Swift because it reflects the acoustics artist quite well. The lack of makeup shows true beauty and this is someone I would love to use as a role model. So when picking my artist I will be looking for those qualities. The artist looks happy and relaxed in the opening with allows the audience to mimic this and relax as well.
When the music begins to change at thirty five seconds the clip onscreen also changes to the narrative; which is scenes from the film. This change is good because it goes with the tempo change of the music (which is getting faster) and the pitch (which is getting higher and louder). This catches the audience’s attention because of the change in the music and keeps them entertained. When we do see the narrative from the film we horses running freely in a field and two characters laughing. Horses are associated with the acoustic genre because it branches out from the “country link” and the fields are a common associate of the acoustic genre when people are asked what they think of when they hear acoustic music; fields is always mentioned as it is seen as a place where its quiet and away from the globalised world of motorways and factories.
One again as aforementioned the music changes and so does the clip; this time it goes back to the barn. I like the idea of switching from performance to narrative when the music changes, or on certain lines and would like to incorporate something like this in my music video. Throughout the performance the camera constantly changes from a medium shot left of the artist to the right. I think that this is good because you get to see the artist from different angles however this is a minute and a half into the video and we haven’t seen a close up of the artist yet. At this same point there is a cross-dissolve edit from the performance to the narrative and I really like this idea because it isn’t a jump cut. It makes it look undisturbed as it takes you form one clip to the other and I think I will use this cross-dissolve in my video.
The end of the music video goes back to the stage area where it first began, I hope to incorporate the idea of the video starting and ending in the same place because it is a great way to show time and the emotion- whether it has changed from the start etc. The video ends and fades out, this is a good way to end a video as it is saying the story has finished, that is the end.
The lyrics and visual during the song do a fit perfectly as when the artist says lines such as “then you came along and you changed everything” the narrative is played and the male lead is then pictured. This give the audience an idea that this song is about a boy and is suppose to be sung by a girl.
The relationship between the music and visuals is good because it is a slow paced song and the performance is slow and graceful. When watching the narrative you can see that some faster scenes have been edited to slow down to match this tempo, this is good because the video would not have the same effect on people if the clips were fast as it doesn’t suit what they song is telling them.

Video Analysis Corinne Bailey Rae 'Put your records on'

This video is called ‘Put your records on’ by Corinne Bailey Rae. This song genre is perceived as acoustic and the video reflects that when it come to ‘stereotyping’ the acoustic sound. The opening of this video starts with a verisimilitude sound of birds singing, there is no music in the background. The shot is a medium close up of a pathway through some trees this is a typical convention of acoustic sound as it is seen as being free and natural, the video shows this through being outdoors for the shot and the sound of the birds singing. Birds singing are commonly associated with the morning so the audience can place the time of the scene.
We soon see the artist and she is riding on a bike, the close up of her face allows the audience to see her facial expressions. From this close-up we see the artist is smiling and looking up at the sun, connoting she is happy and relaxed. This makes the audience copy her mood and also feel relaxed and happy when the song continues.
Two thirds of the video is spent filming the artist on the bicycle, we see an array of different shots to keep the audience interested as she is only riding through a park and there isn’t much to see. Shots that are different for example is track this allows the audience to see from one side of her to the other this shows them all the scenery around and gives them another angle of the singer.  The rest of the video is the artist walking across a field; this also is a common factor when the genre is acoustic as a stereotype is walking through fields. This is to show them liberated and away from society and globalisation, it shows a beautiful place the audience can run away to because if the artist is there so should the audience.
The lyrics and visual during the song do have a small relationship for example when she says “go let your hair down” she ride faster on her bike, this changes the atmosphere because throughout she has rode at a steady speed and now she is finally breaking free of the group she was riding with and going it alone, demonstrating independence.
The relationship between the music and visuals is good because it is medium pace and happy, the visuals relate to this because it is sunny outside, she is wearing a white strappy top white shows it is warm outside and the colour represents pureness and serenity. When she is riding the bike she is riding to the beat of the music and this then would encourage the audience to move with the beats to.
The artist does look at the camera but only when she is referring to herself. This could be taken as she wants to tell the audience about herself, to inform them that what she is doing they can do to.

CD Cover Analysis Corinne Bailey Rae

The background used is of an establishing shot from outside; it sets the scene where the artist is. It looks peaceful and naturalistic, this could connote to the audience that the album is serene and diverse. The tree shows realism, this could illustrate that the album has song about the real world, that it addresses issues that people want to listen about. The colours used for this background are quite dull but eye-catching, it allows the main image of the artist to stand out more, and this is good because that is what the audience want to see, they want to see the star persona of this album.

The artists name is in the top left hand corner. This is because if it were on a shelf the way some businesses shelve them, only the left third of the cover would be seen. This ensures that the audience can clearly see who the album is by and what it is called.
The name is in white this allows it to stand out from its darker background ensuring that it catches the audience’s attention if they were walking by.
The font used is thin, this isn’t a usual convention for the font on a Cd cover as they are usually bold, however the font has cleverly been overlapped in some parts and this could connote that the album has a different approach. This different title encourages the audience to think the album is something different and new.

The main image of this picture of the artist has been made to stand out; it is against a dull background and has been made brighter so that the audience can see the artist. The artist is the unique selling point so producers of the Cd cover have to ensure the artist is seen and the main attraction to the consumer. The artists dress is white, this is consistent with the title, and this keeps the cover formal and related. White can also symbolise purity and good, this can demonstrate to the audience that the songs on the album are pure and mean well.
The camera shot used on this cover is a medium shot,  the artist is lying horizontal this creates the effect of relaxation, if the artist looks relaxed then the audience will feel relax. The artist is looking straight ahead and this will draw attention as when in a shop the purchaser will have eye contact with the image and be drawn in. This will then persuade them to explore the album and if they like what they see will buy it. The artist’s facial expressions are tranquil and happy this allows the audience to know that the songs are happy, and will make anyone who listens to them happy, another persuasion to purchase the album.
The sunlight shining through the trees lets the audience see that it is a nice day, that it will make them feel better. Sunlight represents good and contentment, it creates a warm atmosphere and will put people at ease and this is what this album is about, making people lives easier and by using these qualities and images it shows this to the audience, it sells the product.

CD Analysis Taylor Swift

The background on this CD cover is black; this allows the artist to stand out. The image of the artist is brightly coloured so this contrast works well as the image of her is emphasised and attracts the audience’s attention.
The artist Taylor swift is also known as a ‘teenage star’ and this CD called “fearless” is there to illustrate she is growing up and out of that scene. The name “fearless” connotes being brave and courageous, this title of the album is there to reflect her songs and inform the audience that is what her angle is.
The artist name is situated on the bottom third, this is close to the middle and if it were stacked in a shelf holder it would just be able to be seen. The font used to write the artists name is her signature, this is commonly seen on all of her products and her fans know that the product is genuine. The colour of the artists name is a light grey; this is a change from the usual white colour she uses to write her name. This could connote that she isn’t so pure anymore and links to the title of the album “fearless” that she is doing more adventurous things now.
The name of the album is underneath the name of the artist this is the second thing the audience will see after her name. This shows it is important and the uppercase and bold font illustrates this because it ensures it is seen and notice by the audience.  The colour is white and this demonstrates purity and against the black background it stands out.
“Platinum Edition” has also been added to the cover, this tells the audience that this is the best version of the CD you can get and encourages the audience to buy it. This is a way to sell more of the product because it uses the cover to advertise how good it is.
The camera shot of the main image of the artist is a medium close up. This shot allows the audience to see more of the artist but still see the smaller details like the facial expressions. From the image we can see that the artist’s hair is in the air, it looks like it is being blown by wind. This has an association with the title “fearless” because a number of reasons why her hair is in the air can be made e.g. she is falling this would be shown as being “fearless”. Another take on the image is that she is lying down that is why her hair is all around her this could show her relaxed and calm, and this could mirror her songs on the album.
The artist is not looking directly at the camera this is unusual because companies use the artist as a unique selling point and audiences find it more effective if the artist is looking directly at them when the product is on the shelf because it intrigues them and catches their attention. The artist has pale skin and blonde hair this shows up on the black background. The dress she is wearing is quite grown up and revealing and this illustrates that the artist has matured from that “teenage star” and that is album is more for young adults. The revealing dress could also be there to encourage men to listen to her songs as it is stereotypically known that men like female artists when they are wearing more revealing clothes.

CD Analysis Jason Mraz

The idea of all the objects coming out of his head is clever because it connotes he has all these exciting ideas and eventually they all explode. The use of all the different colours makes it stand out and catches the audience’s attention so that they go and look at the product and persuades them to buy it, through its use of advertisement.

Having the artists name at the top of the cover illustrates his importance; it is in upper case and informs the audience who the artist of the CD is. The title of the CD is underneath the artists name, this portrays that it isn’t as important as the artist name, they haven’t used it as their unique selling point however it is still important to be place at the top. As it is underneath the artist name it is the second thing the audience will see.

The designers of the cover have not followed the typical conventions of a CD cover; this is because they have decided to use a cartoon image of the artist to represent the product. The carton face is made to look like Jason Mraz (the artist) this keeps the convention of putting the artist on the front but just in cartoon form. This cartoon may change the opinion of the audience as it makes the product seem more comical and light hearted.

The eye of the artist in the image are spiralled, this is usually associated with confusion, this connotes that he is confused and it can be linked to all the ideas in his head, in which he can’t make a decision.

The smaller cartoon images have significance to the songs in his album for example the water is a common feature that Jason Mraz uses in his videos such as “I’m yours”. Water is commonly known as meaning ‘a new start’ and ‘washing away your sins’ it shows his album is pure and good.

The hat is the artist’s signature item; he is seen wearing it in almost all of his videos and in the real world. The hat is made out of straw this demonstrates he has a care-free spirit and a simplistic approach towards life.
The image of the artist shows he has a beard, this portrays the normal appearance of a man (the realistic view) it shows he is grown up and ‘manly’ which is a typical connation of a beard.

The artists head is in black and white, compared to the rest of the main image; this allows the colours above to stand out against the white background and also the face to stand out against the colours. Another way to attract the audience’s attention.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tour Poster Analysis Taylor Swift

The background of this tour poster allows the audience to set the scene to where the artist is, and in this image the audience can distinguish that the artist is on stage, most likely at a concert. The background image is dark showing a sense of mystery and that something is hiding, this persuade the audience to investigate and the album, which leads them to buy it. There seem to be lights shining around the artist and this makes her the attention. It makes the audience look at her. The dark colours make the artist stand out because conventional the artist is brighter in colour and wearing brighter colours.
The artist’s name is big, so it can easily be seen. The font is shown the same as all this artists products have. It is the artist’s signature and this is always used to show who she is. The font is thin and light, this shows the audience that the artist is a girly and neat person. This is because the writing is curled and precise a stereotype of a females writing.
The black colour of the writing shows the artist is serious, it stands out against the main image behind and over laps it, this illustrates it is important and should be seen before anything else.
The name of the tour is place under the name of the artist this shows it is important because it is in the centre and wants to be seen, it wants to show the audience the artist is doing something new and this encourage them to see it.
The place and date of the tour has been added to the poster this is in the bottom corner because it isn’t as important as the recognition of the artist for the audience to see, however it need to be on the poster to inform the audience of the event.
The main image is of the artist, it is a medium shot which allows the audience not only to see her facial expressions but always what the artist may be wearing or holding, giving the audience an idea of what the artist is like or what the tour will be like.. The artist is wearing white which stand out against the dark background, ill allows the artist to be seen and noticed. White connotes purity and serenity which can then reflect the artist and illustrate what the artist is like to the consumers.
The artists head is turn giving the effect that she is swinging her head, this portrays that she is having fun, and really getting into her music, moving with it. This demonstrates to the audience that her music is her own and she loves what she does and has fun with it. This allows the audience to enjoy listening to it because it is genuine from the artist because that is how she shows it to the audience.
Props have been used in this poster, a ‘microphone’ showing that she is a singer and a ‘guitar’ illustrating that she has another talent and can play an instrument. These qualities make her different form everyone else and this is what the audience want to see, different because they use music to escape from their daily lives.

Tour Poster Analysis Jason Mraz

The background of this tour poster is dark and made to look like the artist is on stage, we know this because of the use of the lights shining behind the artist. This is usually seen at a concert. This light are pointing directly at him and this illustrates that he is the focus that everyone should look at him, as you can’t see anything else in the dark background as nothing else is lit up. The dark background is good because it allows the main image and information of the tour poster to stand out and be seen by the audience. The darkness of the background connotes he has something to hide and this interest the audience to know what the artist is hiding, therefore they look into the album and if they like it, will then buy it.
The artists name is at the top of the tour poster, it takes up around a third of the poster, and this means it is important. The font of the writing looks as though the artist had just written his name down on a piece of paper. This illustrates he has a care-free attitude and that he doesn’t need his title to be fancy and formal to attract attention. The title is bold and spaced this allows it to be seen from far away.
The colour of the writing is white, this contrasts with the mysterious background as white connotes good and purity. This could show that as his name is in white that the artist himself is good and pure.
The small blue circle adds another informal touch to the poster; it is in blue and therefore stands out. It is there to give out more information to the audience, and too attract them to read what else is on the poster.
A sell line is used to say the name of the album and that it is available now. The words “the latest album” and “available now” have been written in white and the name of the album in blue, this again is to attract the audience attention and show it is something different.
The main image of the artist is in black and white, this keeps the consistency of the colours used in the magazine. It allows the artist to be seen against the dark background, so the audience can see the artist clearly. Props have been used in this image a ‘microphone’ and ‘guitar’ this gives the audience an idea about what kind of music the artist performs and the talents he withholds that he can sing and play instruments. Audiences go to see artists for their talent and music, this poster portrays both and sells the audience what they want to see.
In the bottom right hand corner the information of where the venue is and what date is added. This is in the bottom corner because it isn’t as important as telling who the artist is, however the colour blue has been use to emphasis it, so it isn’t missed. The place is in bigger font and the words “the new venue” this focuses the audiences appeal to go and experience something new and exciting.

Tour Poster Analysis Corinne Bailey Rae

The artists name is in the centre of the poster, this connotes that it should be see, it is the centre of attention. The font of the writing shows no formalness at all. It is written carelessly in lower case this could indicate what kind of audience the tour is aimed at. The way the font is portrayed is shows the artist has gone back to her childhood and this could be an indication of what kind of songs would be performed and what they would be about. The name is quite big and stands out so that the audience passing by will see the name and then inquire to find out more about the tour and concert.

The top left hand corner says “golden voice presents” this is showing the audience the producers that own the artist; this is added information for the audience if they want to find out more and to promote the company and allow them to show off their product.

The bottom of the tour poster give the information where the concert is and what date this is also written in the same font as the name of the artist showing the consistency. The date is written bigger and in a different colour to make it stand out more so it is seen by the audience.

The main image isn’t a convention of a main image for a tour poster. Tour posters usually have the artist’s image on there, however this image is very different to what is usually produced. This automatically illustrates to the audience that this tour is different and gives a sense of obscurity.
The images give the impression of being hand drawn, they are bright colours and all colours have been used. This links back to the aforementioned about childhood as drawings with different colouring are associated with children and expression. This expression of the artists songs are been shown by the pictures, this gives the audience a chance to relate and feel mystery.
The image looks similar to a plant and this could be linked with childhood as the artist going back to her roots, where she came from, it can connote that she has grown as an artist and experience all these amazing things along the way and now wants to share it with people.
There is an image of fire, this is underneath the artists name, this shows that she is shooting off into a world linking to the stars in the background and has gone to explore, there is then the fire at the top of the page and this could be seen as the artists way of showing she will always come back down to the real world no matter how high or famous she gets.
The hand is a symbolic meaning of saying that someone is always there to catch you if you fall and help you along the way, it could also show ideas can grow from anything, giving the audience hope that they can do amazing things to.