Thursday, 14 October 2010

CD Analysis Taylor Swift

The background on this CD cover is black; this allows the artist to stand out. The image of the artist is brightly coloured so this contrast works well as the image of her is emphasised and attracts the audience’s attention.
The artist Taylor swift is also known as a ‘teenage star’ and this CD called “fearless” is there to illustrate she is growing up and out of that scene. The name “fearless” connotes being brave and courageous, this title of the album is there to reflect her songs and inform the audience that is what her angle is.
The artist name is situated on the bottom third, this is close to the middle and if it were stacked in a shelf holder it would just be able to be seen. The font used to write the artists name is her signature, this is commonly seen on all of her products and her fans know that the product is genuine. The colour of the artists name is a light grey; this is a change from the usual white colour she uses to write her name. This could connote that she isn’t so pure anymore and links to the title of the album “fearless” that she is doing more adventurous things now.
The name of the album is underneath the name of the artist this is the second thing the audience will see after her name. This shows it is important and the uppercase and bold font illustrates this because it ensures it is seen and notice by the audience.  The colour is white and this demonstrates purity and against the black background it stands out.
“Platinum Edition” has also been added to the cover, this tells the audience that this is the best version of the CD you can get and encourages the audience to buy it. This is a way to sell more of the product because it uses the cover to advertise how good it is.
The camera shot of the main image of the artist is a medium close up. This shot allows the audience to see more of the artist but still see the smaller details like the facial expressions. From the image we can see that the artist’s hair is in the air, it looks like it is being blown by wind. This has an association with the title “fearless” because a number of reasons why her hair is in the air can be made e.g. she is falling this would be shown as being “fearless”. Another take on the image is that she is lying down that is why her hair is all around her this could show her relaxed and calm, and this could mirror her songs on the album.
The artist is not looking directly at the camera this is unusual because companies use the artist as a unique selling point and audiences find it more effective if the artist is looking directly at them when the product is on the shelf because it intrigues them and catches their attention. The artist has pale skin and blonde hair this shows up on the black background. The dress she is wearing is quite grown up and revealing and this illustrates that the artist has matured from that “teenage star” and that is album is more for young adults. The revealing dress could also be there to encourage men to listen to her songs as it is stereotypically known that men like female artists when they are wearing more revealing clothes.

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