Thursday, 14 October 2010

CD Analysis Jason Mraz

The idea of all the objects coming out of his head is clever because it connotes he has all these exciting ideas and eventually they all explode. The use of all the different colours makes it stand out and catches the audience’s attention so that they go and look at the product and persuades them to buy it, through its use of advertisement.

Having the artists name at the top of the cover illustrates his importance; it is in upper case and informs the audience who the artist of the CD is. The title of the CD is underneath the artists name, this portrays that it isn’t as important as the artist name, they haven’t used it as their unique selling point however it is still important to be place at the top. As it is underneath the artist name it is the second thing the audience will see.

The designers of the cover have not followed the typical conventions of a CD cover; this is because they have decided to use a cartoon image of the artist to represent the product. The carton face is made to look like Jason Mraz (the artist) this keeps the convention of putting the artist on the front but just in cartoon form. This cartoon may change the opinion of the audience as it makes the product seem more comical and light hearted.

The eye of the artist in the image are spiralled, this is usually associated with confusion, this connotes that he is confused and it can be linked to all the ideas in his head, in which he can’t make a decision.

The smaller cartoon images have significance to the songs in his album for example the water is a common feature that Jason Mraz uses in his videos such as “I’m yours”. Water is commonly known as meaning ‘a new start’ and ‘washing away your sins’ it shows his album is pure and good.

The hat is the artist’s signature item; he is seen wearing it in almost all of his videos and in the real world. The hat is made out of straw this demonstrates he has a care-free spirit and a simplistic approach towards life.
The image of the artist shows he has a beard, this portrays the normal appearance of a man (the realistic view) it shows he is grown up and ‘manly’ which is a typical connation of a beard.

The artists head is in black and white, compared to the rest of the main image; this allows the colours above to stand out against the white background and also the face to stand out against the colours. Another way to attract the audience’s attention.

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