Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tour Poster Analysis Corinne Bailey Rae

The artists name is in the centre of the poster, this connotes that it should be see, it is the centre of attention. The font of the writing shows no formalness at all. It is written carelessly in lower case this could indicate what kind of audience the tour is aimed at. The way the font is portrayed is shows the artist has gone back to her childhood and this could be an indication of what kind of songs would be performed and what they would be about. The name is quite big and stands out so that the audience passing by will see the name and then inquire to find out more about the tour and concert.

The top left hand corner says “golden voice presents” this is showing the audience the producers that own the artist; this is added information for the audience if they want to find out more and to promote the company and allow them to show off their product.

The bottom of the tour poster give the information where the concert is and what date this is also written in the same font as the name of the artist showing the consistency. The date is written bigger and in a different colour to make it stand out more so it is seen by the audience.

The main image isn’t a convention of a main image for a tour poster. Tour posters usually have the artist’s image on there, however this image is very different to what is usually produced. This automatically illustrates to the audience that this tour is different and gives a sense of obscurity.
The images give the impression of being hand drawn, they are bright colours and all colours have been used. This links back to the aforementioned about childhood as drawings with different colouring are associated with children and expression. This expression of the artists songs are been shown by the pictures, this gives the audience a chance to relate and feel mystery.
The image looks similar to a plant and this could be linked with childhood as the artist going back to her roots, where she came from, it can connote that she has grown as an artist and experience all these amazing things along the way and now wants to share it with people.
There is an image of fire, this is underneath the artists name, this shows that she is shooting off into a world linking to the stars in the background and has gone to explore, there is then the fire at the top of the page and this could be seen as the artists way of showing she will always come back down to the real world no matter how high or famous she gets.
The hand is a symbolic meaning of saying that someone is always there to catch you if you fall and help you along the way, it could also show ideas can grow from anything, giving the audience hope that they can do amazing things to.

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