Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tour Poster Analysis Taylor Swift

The background of this tour poster allows the audience to set the scene to where the artist is, and in this image the audience can distinguish that the artist is on stage, most likely at a concert. The background image is dark showing a sense of mystery and that something is hiding, this persuade the audience to investigate and the album, which leads them to buy it. There seem to be lights shining around the artist and this makes her the attention. It makes the audience look at her. The dark colours make the artist stand out because conventional the artist is brighter in colour and wearing brighter colours.
The artist’s name is big, so it can easily be seen. The font is shown the same as all this artists products have. It is the artist’s signature and this is always used to show who she is. The font is thin and light, this shows the audience that the artist is a girly and neat person. This is because the writing is curled and precise a stereotype of a females writing.
The black colour of the writing shows the artist is serious, it stands out against the main image behind and over laps it, this illustrates it is important and should be seen before anything else.
The name of the tour is place under the name of the artist this shows it is important because it is in the centre and wants to be seen, it wants to show the audience the artist is doing something new and this encourage them to see it.
The place and date of the tour has been added to the poster this is in the bottom corner because it isn’t as important as the recognition of the artist for the audience to see, however it need to be on the poster to inform the audience of the event.
The main image is of the artist, it is a medium shot which allows the audience not only to see her facial expressions but always what the artist may be wearing or holding, giving the audience an idea of what the artist is like or what the tour will be like.. The artist is wearing white which stand out against the dark background, ill allows the artist to be seen and noticed. White connotes purity and serenity which can then reflect the artist and illustrate what the artist is like to the consumers.
The artists head is turn giving the effect that she is swinging her head, this portrays that she is having fun, and really getting into her music, moving with it. This demonstrates to the audience that her music is her own and she loves what she does and has fun with it. This allows the audience to enjoy listening to it because it is genuine from the artist because that is how she shows it to the audience.
Props have been used in this poster, a ‘microphone’ showing that she is a singer and a ‘guitar’ illustrating that she has another talent and can play an instrument. These qualities make her different form everyone else and this is what the audience want to see, different because they use music to escape from their daily lives.

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