Thursday, 14 October 2010

Video Analysis Corinne Bailey Rae 'Put your records on'

This video is called ‘Put your records on’ by Corinne Bailey Rae. This song genre is perceived as acoustic and the video reflects that when it come to ‘stereotyping’ the acoustic sound. The opening of this video starts with a verisimilitude sound of birds singing, there is no music in the background. The shot is a medium close up of a pathway through some trees this is a typical convention of acoustic sound as it is seen as being free and natural, the video shows this through being outdoors for the shot and the sound of the birds singing. Birds singing are commonly associated with the morning so the audience can place the time of the scene.
We soon see the artist and she is riding on a bike, the close up of her face allows the audience to see her facial expressions. From this close-up we see the artist is smiling and looking up at the sun, connoting she is happy and relaxed. This makes the audience copy her mood and also feel relaxed and happy when the song continues.
Two thirds of the video is spent filming the artist on the bicycle, we see an array of different shots to keep the audience interested as she is only riding through a park and there isn’t much to see. Shots that are different for example is track this allows the audience to see from one side of her to the other this shows them all the scenery around and gives them another angle of the singer.  The rest of the video is the artist walking across a field; this also is a common factor when the genre is acoustic as a stereotype is walking through fields. This is to show them liberated and away from society and globalisation, it shows a beautiful place the audience can run away to because if the artist is there so should the audience.
The lyrics and visual during the song do have a small relationship for example when she says “go let your hair down” she ride faster on her bike, this changes the atmosphere because throughout she has rode at a steady speed and now she is finally breaking free of the group she was riding with and going it alone, demonstrating independence.
The relationship between the music and visuals is good because it is medium pace and happy, the visuals relate to this because it is sunny outside, she is wearing a white strappy top white shows it is warm outside and the colour represents pureness and serenity. When she is riding the bike she is riding to the beat of the music and this then would encourage the audience to move with the beats to.
The artist does look at the camera but only when she is referring to herself. This could be taken as she wants to tell the audience about herself, to inform them that what she is doing they can do to.

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