Friday, 28 January 2011

Cd/ Tour Poster Cover Images

Here are some of the images we considered to use on the CD and Tour poster covers.
This photo really reflects an acoustic genre. It is sunny and in a park which shows it is all natural and summery. The model has sunglasses on; this illustrates that it is hot and is a common prop for an acoustic artist to have. We saw this in Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours' music video. The reason we didn't use this video for our CD covers or tour poster is that the picture does not sell the artist. You cannot see her face clearly and therefore it is not as effective as seeing a close up of the artist and been able to see her eyes.

We used this photo for the front of our CD cover. We did this because it is a close up of the artist, you can see her facial expression clearly; we wanted her face to look as though she is longing for someone. This is because it reflects the song 'use somebody' and the narrative in our music video. The picture has been edited a little to black and white and this is because we wanted it to link to the performance from the music video ( which is also in black and white, to distinguish it from the narrative). We have done this because we wanted to tell the audience that she is the singer,and although she may be in the narrative she is the one telling the story .

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