Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cd Cover Front

This is the final front for our Cd Cover. We used a close up of the artist because it will look extremely effective when it is on a shelf. This is because it can be seen from far away and will draw the audiences attention in. Another reason we did a close up is to show off the artists facial expressions which are there to connote 'longing' and 'waiting' this is to reflect our narrative from our music video so it all links together. The artist has minimal makeup on and we asked her to do this to fit the typical conventions of an acoustic singer. Usually they are naturally pretty and do not wear a lot of makeup, this is because this genre is seen as natural and pure; true beauty is within.
This picture has been edited (On Photo shop) from the original so it fits our product well and will sell the product and the artist. Firstly this picture was changed form colour to black and white, we did this because in the song 'use somebody' for our music video we decided on a narrative and performance. To distinguish between the two, we edited the performance to show in black and white, this is why this picture has been edited in this way too. It shows that the artist is the one telling the story even though she is in the narrative you have to separate her from it.
The second edit was cropping the picture, we needed it to be a close up and having too much of the picture ruined this effect. I then used photo shop to blur out the background. I did this because it allows the consumer to focus on her picture and nothing to distract them in the background; the artist is the unique selling point and the most important part of this commodity.
We decided to make her eyes stand out, so I used a tool called 'lipstick' to colour them blue. I did this because it makes her eyes stand out and draws in the attention of potential consumers for the artists music. The colour blue is calming, it can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly and this fits in well with the acoustic genre.
The writing on the CD cover is saying her name 'Lucy Jennings' we used a slanted font; this represented that she was delicate and we wanted it to look like she had signed it herself. The colour we used was a light coral, this colour is very feminine. It contrasts with the background so it stands out and could be related to the summer, illustrating that the album is upbeat and happy. Her name is in the bottom third, I dont think it is important enough to be at the top but she is a new artist and therefore her name is still needed to associate the album with her. The words 'I'm Ready Now' is directly underneath her name. This is the name of the album and is put directly beneath because the audience will see that after they have been drawn in from the picture and the name they see the album name. We used a simple clear font for this because it is there to make a statement, it is to tell the world she is ready to share her music and move out into the society. It is also a main line from the song used for the music video which keeps everything linked and shows its relevance. It is in white so it is seen and that colour is seen as pure; she is just starting out fresh and pure so it reflects her.
Finally the last edit is the border this just finishes the product off nicely as it neatens it up and helps to define the cover image.

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