Monday, 10 January 2011

Artists Costume Ideas

We dressed the artist in a  similar top to this when we filmed the studio scenes. We did this because its a laid back outfit which could help to represent the acoustic genre.  The artist had a red checked shirt on, but when editing we decided to do the studio scenes in black and white. We thought that it would show simplicity but also reflect how she was feeling if we used these dull colours and made her clothes the same. The black and white was also a way to communicate to the audience that this was not part of the narrative.

We dressed the artist in some blue skinny jeans. These jeans were just a casual pair, and this just illustrates that the artist is the same as everyone else, she isn't a diva and her music is there for you to relax and chill out to. Once again this was in the studio scenes when it was set to black and white.

Blue Pattern (Blue) Piped Daisy Dress | 211671949 | New LookIn the opening, ending and woods scene, we dressed the artist in a similar dress to this. it was pastel colours and had flowers on. We did this because we wanted her to keep to the acoustic genre of the girls usually wearing pretty flowery dresses. We also put a coat on her to illustrate the time of year it is,which is winter, as this is usually the time of year when being single affects people most. The coldness of the winter makes people feel down and this song is there to illustrate that it does happen and relate to people who are going through this.

There were many different scenes in which the artist had different clothes on and this was there to show that it was a different day and place. We did this because out narrative involves showing an unrequited loved over time and how everyday when she sees him shes never noticed. The different number of outifts portrays the amount of days she wastes on trying to attract his attention and how that itself didnt work.

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  1. Why did you choose this costume for your character? What connotations do the colours have for your audience?