Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cd Cover Back

This is the back of our CD cover. We kept the font and colours the same as the front of the CD, we did this because it is part of the same product and looks tidy, and professional. The back ground is black this colour connotes mystery, however in the top right-hand corner there is a spotlight effect that was edited on 'Photo Shop'. We did this because this CD is part of the artist's show, it gives the effect that it is at a concert and shining on the song titles as if were revealing them.
The song number have been written out in white we did this because the acoustic genre is very relaxed, we did not want our product to be formal with capital letters so we moved away from the conventional ( 1. Rainy Day) and put our own spin on it. The names of the songs follow, they are in the same colour as the artists names showing that they are linked with the artist and they are hers. The names of out songs have been thought about and linked to a theme matching acoustic genres which is love and life. Each title will be a personal song for the artists and their name suggests that. They are down the left third because the spotlight is in the right third and is suppose to revealing the songs in that setup. To make our Product look professional we have added a bar code and a copyright fringment.
We created a logo ( MOR Music) and this represents the artist and puts her with a professional record label and also advertises the record label for future clients. We used the image of headphones in the logo because they are a simple, and great representation of music.
Overall the back of the CD cover has been kept simple, we haven't used an image of our artist on the back because the one used on the front is very powerful and eye catching enough. The simplicity on the this cover suits the genre well.

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