Monday, 22 November 2010

Recce Shots

 This is a shot of the opening of our music video. We chose this because we thought that a sunrise represented a new day and this was important for out music video as the ending scene is of a sun set and this was a main tale in our narrative to show that time has not changed that everything about her life is the same.

A Sunrise is also peaceful and this keeps the tranquility and purity of the genre. The sun is seen as a symbol that lights up pathways so having our artist looking into it portrayed that she was looking for another way to go.

This shot is taken from the park that we filmed some of the ending narrative in. We used the park in the narrative because it is a serene setting and somewhere in which would be a typical place for our lead female to meet the lead male. Parks are natural places full of life and this is a typical stereotype for an acoustic video. The pathway in this picture is where the lead male walks off with another girl, we did this because it represents the life of lead female, who is also the artist. It shows that her life is full of pathways which she never gets to go down because she is always stuck in the middle.
This is the pathway in which the lead male walks down. At this point in the narrative the lead female thinks he is walking towards her. We did this shot because it could show the lead walking straight past her to the other girl. The pathway crosses her and this once again shows she is stuck in the same place. At the end of this scene she walks up this pathway, this could illustrate that she is always going backwards and never moving forwards.

This bench is where the lead female is sat, we felt that this was a good place for her to be because it is in the middle of the two pathways and the bench allows us to sit her down at a lower level. This lower level can represent how she feels or put her at a lower status compared to everyone else. This shows she isn't moving on with her life.

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