Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Moodboard For Acoustic Genre

I created this mood board to put down all my ideas that I typically relate with the genre 'Acoustic'. This way it was easier to think of places and objects to film.

The places I chose were:
  • A Skyline, the one on the mood board is the New york skyline. I thought about the city centre skylines in Birmingham that we could use to film a shot like that and considered it as an idea. I think the use of a skyline in the music video suits the genre because when you see a skyline you are usually far away from it, connoting you are in a quiet and peaceful area away from the busy city and this is what I think acoustic music is about being peaceful and calm.
  • I also used various pictures of beaches, this is because stereotypically acoustic music is filmed on beaches for example; 'I'm Yours' by Well known artist Jason Mraz. The beach is seen as a natural place where people go to leave their worries behind and by linking the music video to a place like this people could enjoy it.
  • There is a picture of the sunset, I am keen to use a sunset in the music video as I think it represents hope and mystery about the next day. When people watch the sunset they are taking there time to witness something beautiful, it makes them peaceful and shows them its the ending of the day. This would be good to have in a music video as it shows when a new days begin/end so it contributes to the narrative. It will illustrate the music video to be calm and natural, and it relates to the lyrics of the song as some is set in the day time and other verses are set at the night.
The objects I used were:
  • A busker, I used this because most buskers play acoustic music. Buskers are there to make money however there are some people who do it for the love of music and this is why I put the lady playing the guitar on there.
  • I put the daisies on there because they are stereotypically related to the acoustic genre. Flowers are natural and grow in time and this could be linked in the video to the artist growing in confidence and personality.
  • The white dress was used to show purity and innocence. I drew this dress this way because I wanted to show the artist is older and maturer and can show more skin. however because of the target audience, I have kept it reasonably appropriate.
  • The guitar is stereotypically associated with the acoustic genre and in our music video we are using a guitar. I put it on the mood board to illustrate that  this is the base of a song without this instrument the song would not be as effective

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