Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Audience Theory


Segmentation is how industries categorise groups of people. Each segment has similarities, they are identified as:
  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
This makes it easier to focus the commodity on a specific type of audience, and makes sure that the people will like the product and it will sell.


Region: Where our video is going to be seen.

As a group we think that our video should be shown on a global scale, anywhere in the world that has access to TVs , Internet, Mobiles Etc. This is because we would want as many people as possible to see the video, to promote the music and the artist, so that more people want to listen and see the artist in the future. We want to show this new music to the world, and give them something different to see and listen to. The language of the region where our video is shown is important as they may not understand the English language, however the video is every naturalistic and shows the storyline of whats happening clearly therefore the language shouldn't be a barrier.

Size of Area.

The size of the area is important as larger areas such as cities and villages are more likely to have the products that the music video needs to play on eg. TVs The bigger the area the more places the music video can be seen and spread.


The demographic is the stage where the process of picking which audience is best suited for the video goes into detail and chooses specific qualities about a person and their personal life so that the video can be best suited to the audience and be exactly what the audience want.

  • Age: The music video is aimed at teenagers, more so between the ages 13-20. We thought that this would be the appropriate age group because the video is suitable for as young as thirteen, but also it has clips that are suitable for the older audience and the storyline is more complex for the older viewers. The music video is suitable for audiences above the target audience however it is aimed at teenagers because we feel it tackles the issues teenagers face in today's society and they can relate to the song.

  • Ethnicity: The Ethnicity we chose was white British, this isn't there to rule out any other ethnicity, through typical stereotypes other ethnicity's prefer other music such as; RnB, Rapping Etc. We chose White British because the song is filmed in England and the Artist herself is British, we felt if the song and the artist matched the audience we chose, then the people we targeted would buy the song.

  • Gender: The gender we chose was female, we thought that this gender would suit best as the artist is female, therefore the audience can relate to the artist as they are of the same gender. The story is about unrequited love stereotypically girls are more interested in this topic so females are the main gender to aim at.

  • Generation: The younger generation is the audience, we as a group are aiming at. Teenagers are more likely to watch the video as they have more time an tend to watch the t,v use the Internet more etc to get access to watch the video. It is also more suited for them as if tackles issues that teenagers today struggle with.

  • Social Class: The social class we are aiming at is middle class. We are aiming at this class because the majority of people are middle class. They own the technology that the video need to play on. Middle class people are generally educated, and will follow the narrative well.


The psychographic stage is a simple look at the person, it doesn't go into much detail but bases itself on the inner qualities of a person. The video can then be matched to the persons personality etc. which can ensure that they will like the video.

We decided as a group that it would be best to target the people within the 'Puritans' and 'Utopians' group. This was because the qualities in these group is people would feel virtuous and want the world to be a better place to live. We felt that this links to our genre of 'Acoustic' because stereotypically it is known as music that is pure and allows you to be feel to feel and see things. The music is there to represent something,  to tell a story; this is what these groups of people want therefore they are more likely to enjoy the music and video that we produce.

  • Personality: We want the audiences personality to be calm and relaxed when they see the video and hear the song. They need to be open to all music as we have taken a song that is not associated with the 'Acoustic' Genre but have made it that. The audience also needs to withhold the trait of romance; we made our video represent "unrequited love" and this is a common thing in everyday life.

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