Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tour Poster

This is our tour poster, it follows the design of our CD covers with font, colours and layout. The background is black, this is because it is the same on the CD cover, but also so that the main image and writing stands out.
We used a picture of a chair and microphone as the main image because the album and tour is called I'm ready now. The image shows the stage set up ready for the artist to go on, connoting she is ready now. It also represents the main song form her album; the music video we created "use somebody" because we took the line "I'm Ready Now" from that song. It portrays her life and is telling the audience that she is ready to go out into the music industry.
The artist's name is in the same fount and colour as the CD cover to keep the codes and conventions of typical music commodities. By placing the name at the top, it automatically draws in the audiences attention because of the bright colours and because it is at the top of the poster. 
The name of the album is directly underneath, this matches the CD cover and also informs the audience what the tour is called. It is in the colour white because it represents her to be pure and angelic because this is her first tour. It also stands out against the black background, and contrast showing that there is some mystery in her tour because the colour black represents that.
We put the tour dates directly underneath the artist's name so it is the next thing that is seen. We have done this because the audience would want this information as quick as possible.
Overall I think that the tour poster is effective because it creates mystery for the artist, persuading people to see the tour. The people who look at the tour poster will generally have her album and would be her target audience, therefore an image isn't needed to draw the audience in because they would already know who she was.

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